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See the following very good websites for details and examples on style and content. Go to careers and then go to appropriate link i.e. resume writing go to Job Search tips for resume writing go to resumes link Your resume is usually your first contact with an employer. It is a marketing tool and the product is you. Your goal is to get an interview. Without an interview your chance of getting a job is pretty slim, so make sure the paper work you send out represents you well.

Resume styles are personal so remember that although some hiring specialists recommend not adding an item such as an Objective other may say it is OK. The goal is to have a concise document that grabs the attention of the reader so they will call you for the interview.

[pic] keep resume concise [pic] make words count… declarative sentences. Never start a sentence with I [pic] don’t be vague about your experience [pic] be honest [pic] make sure the resume looks good….NO SPELLING MISTAKES [pic] have someone check your grammar and spelling [pic] use white or ivory paper [pic] keep your pages neat and clean, no coffee stains! [pic] make sure you have a 1 inch margin on all sides [pic] target your resume for the job you are applying for [pic] eliminate superfluous details such as age, height, S.I.N. #, references available on request and an objective statement, which should already by clearly articulated in your cover letter.

Choose a format: [pic] chronological [pic] functional [pic] combination of chronological and functional

Add your name to top of 2nd page (in case it becomes separated)
Don’t forget to add your telephone number

Maintain a 1 inch margin all around

Ask permission to use the telephone numbers/addresses of your references

Your Name Telephone Number

Address email address

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a part-time position in the service industry.


|Honest and reliable |Friendly and outgoing |
|Good organizational skills |Certified in Food Safe |
|Enjoy working with people |Certified Fitness Instructor (CFES) |


• Prepared marketing and promotional materials for West Coast Express] • Assisted in processing ‘Name the Train’ contest entries • Tabulated donation pledges at the Variety Club Telethon • Tutored English as a Second Language and other academic subjects • Participated in fundraising activities • Provided full time childcare for summer months


1998. ESL Tutor 1997 & 1998 Tabulation Volunteer The Variety Club Telethon 1997 Toy Repairer Share 1995-1997 Promotions West Coast Express 1993- Present Child Care Provider Friends and Family


• Dr. Charles Best Secondary School Leadership Class • Dr. Charles Best Secondary School’s Musical Cast Member • Dr. Charles Best Secondary School’s Awareness Club • Hillcrest Middle School Student Council


Grade 12 student Dr. Charles Best Secondary School Present Coquitlam, B.C. • Received honour roll standing grades 8-11

Grade 8-9 Hillcrest Middle School 1994-1996


• Guitar, drawing & painting, volleyball

**list your three references on page –2- (Use only adults as references and always obtain their permission before giving out the information)

Your Name


Postal Code

Telephone Number