The Positive Effects Of A Customer At A Store

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Marty Nash
English 1a
4 March 2013
As a customer walking into this store, you feel like a very important person. The first thing that happens as you walk in is a warm greeting by one of the employees at the front of the store with a coupon to hand out to you. When you walk down further more into the store, you see purses, wallets, and accessories hung against the walls, on the racks, and more on the tables. Whether you are shopping for yourself or for someone else the store is so organized; it’s very easy to find things that you are shopping for. The employee does a wonderful work keeping the store clean, smelling great, and most importantly keeping the customers happy and satisfied. The atmosphere of the store is very relaxing and sophisticated at the same time, in other words, you feel rich just being in the store or just being around the pricey bags and accessories. The smell of the store is like opening a box of clothes that you just ordered. As you are reaching to grab the purse you want and holding them in your hands, it feels so comforting, like the feeling of being at home in bed snuggled up in your blankets. Even though the customers can get a little crazy with the sales going on at the store, they can still find something that they love and be satisfied in the end.
First and for most, as a former employee at Coach I am proudly happy to be working there. Employees working at the store of course try to make it look clean, updated, provide good customer service, and organized. As employees walk into the store they see piles and piles of purses all over the place on the table, on the floor, and even in the closet. The further down you walk into the store the more you see the floor looking dirty at every step you make. It’s like having the kids playing in the backyard and when they’re done playing they run back through into the house. When you walk in there’s like this weird scent in the store that smells like a wet dog that was running through the sprinklers on a hot summer day with no shampoo on, eww. At times when it gets busy the employees can get a little rude to the customers because they get annoyed at what questions are being asked or being pushed around. Even though it is so hard to keep it maintained at all times because of customers shopping through all the purses and accessories, you will still end up being happy or end up with the stuff you wanted from the store because the employees provided exceptional customer service.
In my angle of vision I chose to write about one specific store and write both positive and negative reviews on that one place. Writing this paper made me really think about the good and bad things about the store Coach. No, it did not make me want to