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Pages: 3 has turned into a role model for e-bookstores since the retail store took it over, showing how well physical books and the digital world can interact when operated together as one. Likewise, the e-reader has been revolutionary for the bookseller, playing a large part in giving Barnes & Noble an edge over its now bankrupt rival and catapulting it into a digital world dominated by Amazon.
“One piece of technology today isn’t going to win the game,”
Barnes & Noble has reached a “strategic inflection point,” where it needs to decide whether it’s going to remain a retailer, or move full-fledged into the technology business
It would need to spin off and develop into a diversified technology company, perhaps by utilizing a technology that would allow it to develop a slew of new, compatible devices, branching off the core brand, similar to what Apple (AAPL) has done with its operating system.

Consumer Attitudes
Target individuals are interpreting this allocation of resources as an innovative and trending business model.
Negative components of consumer attitudes pertain mostly to the college section.
The brick and mortar retail lifestyles represent that of a traditional family.
The ecommerce segment targets lifestyles that seek convenience, comparability of products, and value of lower price. This seems to be the segment with the most scope and may include traditional or non-traditional families.
Currently, the college segment lifestyle relies upon in store operations.
Personal Influences
The perception that is currently utilized by Barnes and Noble for retail operations focuses on the relaxation, or escape from busy lifestyles.
The retail experience upholds personalities that exhibit value of knowledge, entertainment, and leisurely activities.
Influences for the college target market are currently driven by necessity of purchase.
College influences should be representative of technological dependence and convenience of purchase.
Culture and Social Class
The class representative of the retail operations for Barnes and Noble is Middle and Upper Middle class Americans.
Essentially, the experience associated with