Retail Max: Personal Power Essay

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Running head: PERSONAL POWER

RetailMax: Personal Power
Timothy D. Stroud
Grand Canyon University: LDR-610-O101 Power, Politics, and Influence
October 31, 2012

RetailMax: Personal Power Climbing the corporate ladder can be like playing a game. It can be fun and exciting if you know all of the rules and play fair. Or it can be dreary and arduous if you are finding out the rules as you go along and are playing with people that are less than ethical. The good news is that once you know the rules and apply yourself, you have a better chance of climbing upward. The bad news is that most people think they are playing the first game in which everyone is climbing up the ladder with little or no risk. They simply have
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He showed teamwork by working on a project that produced great results that didn’t net him a commission. Kessel showed no signs of gender influence as he and his team conducted market research on the appropriate salaries and bonus structures that he could offer to new employees. Over the course of Cam’s internship, there were several social factors that affected his personal power. He quickly gained a solid reputation as a hard worker and a good decision maker. He also became a team player since he helped out in the sales department before making his final decision. Kessel showed that he liked working with Cam as he was relocated to a position that was not being downsized due to the poor market. This should have built a stronger bond between the two as the company grew in size and productivity over the next year. However, the lure of more money and bonuses played a part in Cam’s decision. Kessel assumed that Cam would stay the course and take the position that was offered to him and continue to produce for the company. I’m sure he was shocked and a little hurt when another department Vice President, Mangini, stated that the CEO backed his offer to Cam. A little loyalty goes a long way in office politics. Maybe Cam assumed that there would always be a position for him in Kessel’s department or that the other path would lead him to a more prosperous future.
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