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1-Describe the retail store and select what type of location it is Abercrombie & Fitch is an American retail chain that focuses on casual wear for young consumers. The company has 278 stores in the United States and 15 stores internationally. It also operates e-commerce website at[1] The store in San Francisco is located in a planned shopping center, the Westfield Center. It is a regional shopping center. Even though the main entrance of the retail is inside the Westfield center, people can enter from a door in Market Street. The store is in the first floor and it is easily recognizable outside, it could appear like an individual store.

2-What is the atmosphere of the store?Internal, External? The exterior of the store design features white molding and black louvers. This design is the same for all the A&F stores. The interior is lit with dim ceiling lights and spot lighting. There is an intense aroma inside the shop. Electronic dance music meant to create an upbeat atmosphere is played at high sound level. Inside the shop there are pictures in grayscale and features outdoor settings, usually with semi-nude males and females for an increased tone of sexuality. A&F casts only store employees for marketing campaigns. The Abercrombie & Fitch brand image is promoted as an international near-luxury lifestyle concept. The shop is divided into males and females clothes.

3-Does the retail store use the concept “scrambled merchadising?” What observation tell you they do or do not? They scramble into perfume business. They promote their flavour with a strong smell all around the shop. The clothes absorb that flavour and the customers can recognize that once they arrived home.As CEO Michael Jeffries calls the A&F image a "movie” because of the "fantasy" that plays out instore,[2] they could introduce one or more display that play new movies in grayscale, such as the pictures already shown.

4-What part of the “wheel of retailing” explains this store's price policies? How do you know that? In the 'wheel of retailing' Abercrombie & Fitch is a Prestige Department Store with high-end strategy. This strategy was chosen by Jeffris in 1988 when Limited Brands acquired