Essay on Retailing and Different Walmart Stores

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Upon opening up Walmart home page I somewhat got overwhelmed with all of the information that I see. Although there is many items on the page my eyes go straight to the center of the home page. This is where they are offering deals on the “game time” gear for baseball I assume; they also have a sofa, television, and crockpot and for a reasonable good price. Underneath the ad there is links that can take you to the different items which is helpful so you won’t have to manually search for each item listed on the picture.
The best part I believe that’s on the Walmart page is listed directly below the game time gear. This is where you find things related to the spring and things you do outdoors, things such as trampolines, playgrounds, sandals, bikes, and so on. Which is beneficial for the start of the spring season. They also offer free home shipping certain outdoor items, which is an amazing deal.
Along the side of the page is beneficial for those who are unsure of the name of something are just want to browse certain group of things. This is where you will find the different departments that Walmart has to offer. Also at the very bottom of the department site it has tax refund specials which is something they know people will jump at although they items may not be on sale. They also offer bundles you can purchase, as if you buy a gaming system and receive two games and an additional game stick.
Also along the top Walmart tries to make your shopping experience personal. This is where they give you the option to log in or even register. You are available to see things in your shopping cart, and is even able to set the Walmart that is nearest t to you as your home store. As you go further down the page Walmart uses some of my recent purchases and searches to list a couple of items that one may be interested in, these items was considered suggestions Which is awesome because I honestly considered buying a couple of those items. Although some items I did not where on earth they came from.
The very bottom of Walmart’s home page is where you see important information such as the returns, privacy and security, tracking orders, and etc. This all beneficial so you can find all you need in one place. You don’t have to worry about skimming through the pages finding how to contact the store because of a recent purchase, or even trying to decide what Walmart is liable for when you receive a bad package
Part 2
According to the corporate site as of January 31, 2013 Mississippi has a total of 73 retail units. Out of seventy three retail store only sixty of them are supercenters and four are discount stores. We have an average of twenty-two thousand four hundred and one employees who make an average wage of twelve dollars and forty cents an hour.
The state of Texas is totally different than the state of Mississippi number wise. They have a total of four hundred and seventy seven stores. Majority of their stores are supercenters with a whopping number of three hundred and twenty seven stores, and only thirty of those stores are discount stores. In the state of Texas they have one hundred and forty our thousand seven hundred and sixty one employees who make an average wage of twelve dollars and fifty four cents.
Also on the corporate site it gives people an idea of what it is like working at Walmart. Which some of it I found to be untrue from friends and family members who hold positions in Walmart throughout the state of Mississippi, but maybe it’s just at their location? They complain about the long hours,