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Electrical Goods Retailing - UK - February 2013
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“Retail experience – from store appearance and quality of service to merchandising of product – is arguably more important than ever. Bricks and mortar stores must offer an element of branding and aspiration bundled up into a quality experience that provides a genuine complement to browser-based shopping.”
– John Mercer, European Retail Analyst

In this report we answer the key questions:

How can multichannel retailers build value in the sector?
What will the future of electrical goods retailing look like?
When can we expect a robust recovery in demand?
Is Apple an example of the retailer of the future?
How are consumers mixing online and offline shopping?

Late 2012 and early 2013 looked to be a dreadful period for specialist retailers of electrical goods and affiliated entertainment products: Comet , Jessops , HMV and Blockbuster were the familiar names that slipped into administration. For the electrical goods specialists sector the demise of Comet was most notable, leaving Currys-PC World as the last remaining broad-range, superstore retailer in the sector.


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Yet some retailers are seeing sales soar, not least Apple , Amazon and John Lewis .


What are the common themes uniting these successful retailers? Will online pureplays come to rule the roost? How can multichannel retailers rebuild value in electrical goods retailing? How do consumers mix online and offline shopping? These questions are addressed in this report. We also provide five-year