Retribution Justice Model Of Rehabilitation Essay

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The punishment theory is also known as retribution justice model is based upon legal premise that the punishment for crime should be acceptable as long as it is proportional to a defense that has been committed (EB, 2014). Implicating of rehabilitation is an option for drug offenders to part take in correctional facilities, such as the risk responsibility model which is considered to be one of the most prominent model to established for assessment and treatment for drug offenses (EB, 2014). The model of rehabilitation depends on whether the drug offender is nonviolent or violent is considered once they have entered the correctional facility (EB, 2014). There is some alternative to incarceration to any kind of punishment or treatment other …show more content…
The attorneys judge and community health organization collaborate to coordinate a treatment plan to ensure they stay on track ("Alternatives to incarceration", 2017). In the means of non-violent offender who commit low-level felonies and misdemeanor the drug courts seek to address the issue of substance abuse and charged with possession will be able to exchange for a guilty plea and will enter treatment than prison ("Alternatives to incarceration", 2017). The reasons supporting why my discovery solution would be more cost effective and prone to rehabilitation? Treatment can reduce substance abuse and recidivism witch building society reliance on incarceration by promoting effective therapeutic communitive treatment systems that test up to two years as an alternative to prison sentences ("Treatment of Incarceration", 2017). Just as an alternative to incarceration is going to save money having residential treatment and vocation training outside of prison it’s not using the states money to fund the services in the