Retrospective Analysis of Personality Essay

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In my youth, my mother told me that my personality was extremely trusting and warm. I suppose you could say that I was the perfect example of a sunny personality. She said I would even make strangers smile and my respectful nature was always a huge bonus winning over even the crankiest individual. That of course all ended when I endured the cruelty of public school’s relentless bullies, life’s hardships, molestations, and financial difficulties. My personality hardened, I became withdrawn, less trusting, bitter, and unapproachable. I could not stand to be around a lot of people, share my things, or tolerate strangers touching me.
My life became miserable and I developed a deep depression which made me fear being too happy. I knew
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When one recalls their past history much of the bias and inaccuracy stems from the bits of memory lost over the years. It is difficult for some to recall the first five years of their existence and often must rely on parents or those senior individuals that were there to fill in the blanks. Orphans, for example, may have a more difficult time remembering things if they did not have someone there to help them reflect. Although our recognition may be strengthened by certain smells or sounds that we may have had from our past. We may find we know every word to a song we heard numerous years ago or that a certain situation snaps us back into an event long forgotten.
Whenever I speak to an old friend of mine, I often find myself remembering how we met and certain events that led to our friendship. An event one may have repressed also comes to the surface and may be difficult to bury again. Certain exercises like meditation or cardio may be best to try and combat thoughts if they are negative or discussing it over with your friend to find a way to make peace with it. A difficult situation arose when I a friend had found me on a social media site and began to tell the tale of our meeting, luckily we were able to talk about it calmly and now the situation is less stressful. .
The science of psychology places more emphasis on results based on scientific studies than it does on personal experience and anecdotes most likely because scientific studies are more