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Returning To School


Returning To School


Returning To School
Returning to school for me was an easy decision to make at this point in my life. All of the pieces of the puzzle have finally come together and now is the time to go to school and earn my degree.
Being the age of forty-three, I have experienced many changes in my life that have prevented me from returning to school. The death of my mother happened just before my senior year of high school. That brought a lot of new responsibilities for me, including taking care of the household chores and caring for my younger brother. When I graduated high school, my father did not encourage me to further my education. We both knew that I was needed at home for my younger brother. This was when the puzzle started and continued for these many years.
The next several years I became a wife and a mother and started my own family.
These responsibilities were similar to those I was already doing at home. Being with my own family, I took very little time for myself and put many efforts into my young ones and my secular job. When my second child was born, I had the time but not the funds.
All the time, in my mind, I was trying to even find what I would be interested in as far as a career.
My life continued through many twists and turns trying to make the pieces fit. After my first divorce, it was evident that I would have to wait a few more years. My ex would not be as stable as he claimed and I would have the children most of the time. Of course for most mothers that is not an issue. The struggle to be a good mom and work full-time has always been difficult. During these years, I was privileged to be a manager for
Curves for Women. I helped train women to be healthy and that would make them

Returning To School happy. The satisfaction of seeing the benefits of helping others was very rewarding to me. So I added a few more pieces to the puzzle. I learned I wanted help people be healthy. I could do this in many different ways, so there were still some things to work out. These last 15 years have been challenging. I remarried, had another child and unfortunately divorced again. This time the