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Essential Equality of Humans
Reuben Thompson
Liberty University
Bible 104
March 29, 2015

Thesis Statement: Genesis begins with the creation of the universe and focuses on the downfall of all humanity. The essential equality of all people is supported in Romans because Paul states, that the power of God leads to salvation. Many people struggle with inequality. For all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). It is clear that the goal of many Christians is equality and morality for everyone.

I. Introduction
II. The Natural World

III. Human Identity
IV. Human Relationships
V. Culture
VI. Conclusion
VII. Bibliography

INTRODUCTION Opposition to slavery by evangelical Christians is one of the hallmarks of church history. Paul’s instruction to Philemon is indicative of the biblical worldview of the essential equality of humans and the wrongness of oppressing others (Deut 23:15 -16; Col 3; 22 -23). Romans Chapters 1 -8 gives us a view of faith, how to lives and serve God effectively. Paul teaches us about the sinful nature of all men in the eyes of God. He explains about the raft against a sinful humanity. After a period of seeing how devastating slavery was to mankind as a whole, groups started forming to abolish slavery throughout the world. Christians had survived the reformation period, and now some slave owners began to have conviction of how they were treating God’s creations.
II. The Natural World
God created the heavens and the earth. God has set humans firmly on his creation (Genesis 2:15). The Christian worldview indicates that man is sinful and that the heart of everyone is predisposition toward sin. Jesus is man kind’s hope for redemption. The Bible reveals that God provides for his creation. God causes great things to happen in our lives. God has created us equally. We all have an equal responsibility to use our talents and gifts given by God for good or bad. We have a responsibility to live in representation of the Bible. Our justice system is made up of the laws of the Bible so that we may be treated with fairness.
Although today in the natural world we have strayed from the original Covenants of the Bible. We have created traditions and a way of life that have not been geared to the teaching of the Bible. For, example people idolize music, clothes, cars, certain saying, and other worldly things. In the natural world people tend to think that they are righteous, when in fact they are actually breaking God’s laws according to the Bible. As it written, all are accountable, and no one can be justified by his own good works, with or without the law (Romans 3:10 – 20).
III. Human Identity
Studying the Bible is one of the most spiritually profitable things that a Christian can do. The Bible contains general truths and specific applications of the truth. It corrects behavior and shows where to find strength and assist us in living a more godly life. The human identity involves being baptized and by word of mouth excepting the Lord and savior Jesus Christ in your life. Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God and he was sent here so that Christians can repent and be forgiven.
IV. Human Relationships.
People differ passionately about what the Bible actually teaches. It is important to pay attention to the different ways of reading a text, especially when dealing with ancient texts, like the Bible. Interpreting the Bible is of special concern to Christians and the problem of conflicting interpretations is a fact of deep concern among those who are diligent students of the Bible. The words might suggest one thing to us in the 21st Century but have meant something very different to the people who wrote them long ago. Christians view destiny in the way that we live our lives by the Bible. The Bible is considered the tool for living a…