Reunion Speech

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In ten years getting our class together all at the same time is probably going to be impossible. Someone will most likely miss their flight, or fly in the opposite direction before headed here. So I think our class will be better off just driving the whole way.
On the day of the reunion I drive up to the civic center and like always Kyri is here with her husband and 2 children. I start talking to her sitting here waiting for more people to show up. I come to find out that she is a youth pastor at her childhood church and that she loves it! She loves teaching teenagers and watching them grown into young adults. As we sit there visiting, Garry shows up. He tells us that he has been in Burundi for the past 2 years. He likes being a missionary up there. He enjoys the sun, helping the children and ministering to the people there.
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Jessica then shows up with her family and right after her in comes NeNe with her extremely white good looking husband. Jess then tells us that she working in a children's hospital. NeNe then tells us that she has 2 wonderful kids and that she is a rehabilitation therapist. Jess and NeNe get together every week to talk about their lives over coffee. They have stayed extremely close over the years. After a little bit Joseph and Chance come and Joseph is still telling Chance to shut up!! Joseph and Chance both live in California Joseph is a professional cosmetologist and was telling us that he just got done doing Beyonce make up for her latest music video. Chance works with Nike as a shoe salesman. Both of them are still single and for some reason still get together every once in awhile. Will we are sitting there they ask me what I do for a living. I tell them that I live in the mountains with my amazing husband with 2 crazy little boys and one on the