Reveal Truths About Human Nature In The Veldt

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Human nature
‘’Human nature is never revealed so clearly as he tries to describe the nature of the other person” Jean Paul. Human nature can be revealed through people's personality. In literature authors use characters personality to reveal truths about human nature. After reading several short stories, what has come to my mind is the that Human nature can be revealed by people's personality.
The author of The Veldt uses character traits that help reveal truths about human nature. Inside the nursery George Hadley is admiring it and then George says that “nothing's too good for our children (Bradbury pg.1”). Georges words help reveal his human nature of being a kind and loving parent. Humans will do anything for people that they love and care for because it is in our human nature. As soon as George tells Peter that they are thinking of shutting the house off Peter
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The Narrator's tells us that the thing that bothered him “ was his(the old man's) eye, yes it was this. One of his(the old man) eyes resembled that of a vulture... I made up my mind to take the life of the old man.” (poe pg.1) The narrator's personality of being paranoid help reveal truths about human nature. The truth revealed is that something that paranoid us can make us do anything to rid yourself of it even kill. As a result of the old man's shriek the cops come over and the narrator is calm “But Ere long, (He)I felt myself(himself) getting pale and wished them gone” … “YES, VILLAINS I SHRIEKED I ADMIT THE DEED”(Pg.We tend to get anxious and nervous when we are scared of getting caught. furthermore, the narrator is getting anxious and nervous which make him get pale. The Tell Tale Heart help reveal truths about human nature,the truths learned are fear and anxiety will make us do things that we wouldn't have done if we weren't scared or