Revel Portor: A Short Story

Words: 400
Pages: 2

ELA Narrative Writing

My heart was beaten and bruised but, I didn't dare to let a single tear slip. “She was a great woman.”, a man in a black suit mumbled, putting a heavy hand on my shoulder. “Tragic she had to go so soon.” The graveyard slowly emptied after the guests had paid their final respects.

Every time I return to the nursing home, I remember her. Although she passed long ago, I sense her presence and it’s powerful.

Her name was Revel. Gloria Revel Portor to be exact. When I was 14, I worked in St. Johnson’s nursing home. On my first day I was assigned rooms 107-124. I’d go around giving the elderly their medicine, taking them on walks, and feeding (the ones who couldn’t feed themselves). My first day I was also assigned my
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But, for some reason she got angry and glared at me like I murdered her first born. “It’s GLORIA REVEL PORTOR! NOT GLORIA PORTER, SAY IT WITH ME. GLORIA. REVEL. PORTOR.”

I was kinda afraid of her at this moment, she seemed so troublesome but then, she started laughing (coughing in the process) and she wouldn’t stop. “I’m just joking with you sweetheart, call me Revel.” I laughed nervously. “ Aha ha ha- you really got me there.” Beads of sweat raced down my forehead.

Before I realized it she became my best friend. It feels weird calling a 74 year old lady my best friend, but it was true. Everyday after school I went I directly to the nursing home. I did all my other patients first and saved her for last so, we could spend more time together.

When I visited the nursing home it was like a dream. I was so happy I’d forgotten about the bad grades, the repugnant relationship with my parents, and death of my best friend. It all was washed away like an ocean crashing against the shore, slowly eroding it.

I felt like I was finally getting on top of the world. I was standing straight up finally. Then, it all changed. I'd slipped and falls off of my golden throne and into