Revenge In Hamlet Essay

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Revenge of Hamlet In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, there are many characters that are taken down from the sole cause of one person. The main character Hamlet’s father (King Hamlet) was murdered by his uncle/stepfather, King Claudius. On the other hand, Hamlet’s mother (Queen Gertrude) took sides with Claudius which rattled his perception of living. Because of this, many problems arose and created a whirlpool of unfortunate events for everyone else. Ever since then, Hamlet set his mind on plotting his revenge on Claudius. However, Hamlet’s attitude toward revenge changes significantly throughout the play from beginning to end by his actions. Hamlet’s attitude towards revenge on Claudius at the beginning of the book was at a very …show more content…
Initially, Hamlet was determined and ready for avenging his father’s death. He had already decided that he would kill him as soon as he got the chance and made things right for his father. Although, towards the middle of the play, Hamlet lost track of his plot against Claudius. For a majority of the time, he focussed himself on hinting to Claudius that he had found out about his secret rather than avenging. Hamlet hinted to Claudius by giving a speech based on cruelty and darkness in front of an audience. In the speech, Hamlet said “Black as his purpose, did the night resemble/When he lay couchèd in th’ ominous horse,/Hath now this dread and black complexion smeared/With heraldry more dismal,” (A2,S2,Lines 461-464). This quote was used to hint to Claudius about his actions because it resembled the darkness that he brought upon Hamlet. Nonetheless, Hamlet was still not following through with avenging his father’s dead. What Hamlet had been doing instead was stalling his revenge by spending too much time talking. All this time, Hamlet could have just killed him in his sleep or whenever he had gotten near him. Because of this, it is easy to tell how significantly his attitude towards revenge has