Revenge In Mark Tickilly's Killing Mr. Griffin

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Revenge can be a tempting at times like you really just wanna give someone a taste of their own medicine. This is what happens when Mark Kinney gives into that temptation and goes too far. Mark Kinney is a senior that is retaking Mr. Griffin's English class. When one of his friends brings up killing Mr.Griffin, Mark takes it a little too literally and makes a plan to kidnap Mr. Griffin and scare him so he will be less strict and give them better grades on their assignments. In the book Killing Mr. Griffin by Lois Duncan, Mark Kinney looks like an average kid but you will later find out that he's sullen, charismatic, and malicious. Watch as his plan to kidnap Mr. Griffin unfolds.
Marks first trait is sullen. When you first see mark you will see that he has an expressionless and almost depressed look. He has a very blank face with heavy-lidded eyes giving him a tired facial expression. Sitting in a class Mark sits slouched in his seat in his usual ¨do not care¨ position. While Jeff is arguing about Mr. Griffin Mark says calmly,¨ Cool it! Mr. G, Jeffs sort of over excited, Mr. G, but what he's getting at is that most of us are seniors in this class. We need this credit to graduate¨ (13). Even though Mark had to beg to retake Mr. Griffin's class he calmly agrees with Jeff. Marks sullen facial expressions tie in with his body language
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All very different from one another but his sullen and charismatic traits help him hide his psychotic malicious side. Mark Kinney, the charismatic guy who was so comforting. His face, expressionless, sullen, laid back. Then his last trait hidden by the other two, malicious. Killing 3 people and attempting to kill Susan. In the end, it's revenge that leads Mark to plan to kidnap Mr.Griffin, then finding him unexpectedly dead they try to hide it and everything about Mark is revealed. The once seemingly normal guy shows his true colors as a malicious