Revenge is Best Served Cold on a Plate Essay

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Victoria Jorgensen mrs. hansen dspa revenge
5 January 2015 revenge is best served cold on a plate

July 3, 1863­ It is the third day of the war at Gettysburg, and it is horrific.

As I look out over the horizon there is blood everywhere, you can hear the blood­ curdling screams and the sounds of guns in the distance. Its hard witnessing our brothers, fathers, close friends fall in pain and slowly fall to the ground and suffer. As our effort to defend to the union, and to free the slaves all we can do is

continue to fight and hope that the south gives in. The hot and sunny day was hard on soldiers, the heat was physically exhausting and their food was harsh.
They would eat in the morning and then eat dinner when it got dark. I think that we as a community can help our soldiers at work by sending food and some more coffee, maybe make new shoes and bullets.

Back at camp the soldiers seemed calm, there were some that were shook

up, some sat around the campfire playing cards, some played baseball, some would play music, and the others who weren’t doing anything would be resting. I

think that they were happy because this one war out of the hundreds was almost over, but to some soldiers they were sad and emotional. Imagine being a soldier and looking back at the battlefield and seeing all the men that you were close to and fought next to, laying on the ground lifeless.
War is a terrible thing, especially people in the same country fighting against another. As I look into the camp of our soldiers, I can see the pain in their hearts from being homesick. Our men need their families, they need the feeling of love back in their lives. Us as a…