Revenge Of Terror Groups

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What is the role of developed country's government in influencing the revenge of terror groups?
The role of government is to provide safety and to insure economic and social integration for all citizens. A lack of efficiency of the government is one the causes of domestic terrorism. Governments insure these protections by creating a spectrum of institutions, e.g.. Police forces, schools, universities, economic regulation. When governments fail to provide this structures, the level of terrorism increases. Also, the government uses its criminal justice system to prevent and control violence.
Terrorist groups are motivated by new legislations by governments that fail to protect groups of the society of been a target of discrimination.
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For instance, some governments have supported and justified wars and genocides because they wanted to get political and economic power. All of these acts have increased animosity coming from terror groups. Undoubtedly, many developed countries have increased their wealth by stealing resources from developing countries and creating inequality based on racial background. All these actions have caused the origin of new terror groups.
The lack of efficiency of the criminal justice system and honesty from the government motivates secular and religious terrorist to commit acts of terror in order create a new government by divine decree. The corruption and bad administration of the criminal justice system stimulate new and all kinds of terrorists to fight for a new and perfect government. For instance, the religious terrorists are willing to sacrifice themselves, because they want to create a new order and reject any secular government (Hoffman et at., 1995). The developed economy rules, structures, and systems are wrong for them, so the religious terrorists are convinced that their revenge is supported by a divine power against the
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One governmental institution is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which plays an important role to protect the society of terrorist groups and to detect and eliminate them (Waugh et al., 1986). For example, many shootings and bombings were detected before they occurred, other events were controlled after they happened. The governments always take actions after any terrorist events, because they want to prevent radical terrorism in the future. In fact, this institution is in charge of anti terrorist policy intervention during different phases, so it has to mitigate any act of terrorism and respond efficiently against the thread. When the government fails to protect the society, new terrorist groups emerge. The level of terrorism increases because the new terror groups find easy to attack and harm the society of the developed countries. The government plays an important role before and after any terrorist attack. The actions by the government after an attack can cause these groups to feel rage and indignation due a good recovery of the