Revenge Theme In Frankenstein Research Paper

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In the book Frankenstein , the main theme of book is revenge because the actions and events that are taken place throughout the book are implied to be vengeful towards other characters. Victor Frankenstein finally achieves his of creating life , he reanimated the dead and brought it back to life. The creature was left by Victor Frankenstein due to a fever , and was left alone to be un-nurtured and taken care of. The theme of revenge comes into play when the creature that is created becomes angry due to the feeling of being abandoned and the feeling of being alone. The creature seeks out revenge on Victor's loved ones and family to put Victor though the same pain it had went through when he was created. When Victor and the creature on top …show more content…
When the female companion is destroyed the creature says , “ I will be with you on your wedding night “ (Shelly 74). The creature threatens Victor that he will kill him and Elizabeth since he Victor refuses to create the female companion for the creature . In the book , the creature does another act of revenge by murdering Henry Clerval and framing Victor Frankenstein to seek revenge on him due to the loneliness and rejections the creature had experienced ever since it was created. In the book it says , “ I saw the lifeless form of Henry Clerval stretched before me “ (Shelly 78). The creature has brought pain upon Victor and his family and won't stop until VIctor fulfills his duty as a creator to satisfy the creature and make a companion for him . The creatures goal has been achieved because after Henry Clerval’s death , Victor starts to feel miserable and hoping that he was dead. In the book he says , “ Why did I not die?” (Shelly 78). In the book , Victor also says , “ But I was doomed to live and in two months found myself as awaking from a dream ‘ ( Shelly 78). The goal of the creature was to seek revenge on Victor Frankenstein’s life , and it was to bring back misery and suffering towards Victor and eventually kill him for not doing his duty as a responsible