Reverse Discrimination In College Sports Essay

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Imagine you just got into your dream college on a full scholarship to play your favorite sport. Everything is going great until your college decides to cut the sport. You are now left with no scholarship, and you now have to transfer schools. This is what's happening more and more to student athletes who play sports like swimming, wrestling, track, and cross country. Schools are cutting male sports so they can become compliant to Title IX. Title IX has led to reverse discrimination against males in college sports. Title IX is a law that was passed in 1972 that was supposed to make both genders equal in every educational program that receives federal funding. This includes college sports. Instead, Title IX has led to reverse discrimination …show more content…
This is causing many men who wish to play college sports to not have an opportunity to play because there needs to be the same amount of opportunities for women. In order for a school to be Title IX compliant, it needs to pass the three pronged test. The three pronged test requires that: 1) Participation, there must be equal participation in male sports and female sports, 2) Athletic financial assistance, scholarships of athletes need to be allocated in proportion to the number of male and female athletes, 3) Treatment, male and female athletes need to be treated equally with the same amount of equipment and supplies. If there a school has a sport that does not pass the three pronged test, then the school will not be Title IX compliant and it sometime results in that sport getting cut from school. In summary, some college male sports are failing to reach the harsh requirements of Title IX. This is causing sports such as: swimming, wrestling, track, cross country, and even baseball and lacrosse, to be eliminated from schools, costing athletes their opportunities to play at the college