Reverse Racism In America

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Reverse Racism

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. (Martin Luther King Jr.) America needs to raise awareness about media or through social event; Reverse racism causes division in America, and by fixing it race division can be diminished.

African Americans responded to increasing violence in America by coming up with an agenda that they think the public owes to them. They want economic justice, to invest divest, reparations, to end the war on black people, community control, and they want political power. In particular, economic justice, they want “progressing restructuring of tax codes” and a ‘ right to restored land, clean air, clean water and housing.” They also want to end to Trans-Pacific partnership
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According to a 2013 pew research poll, in 2010 black men were six times more likely to be incarcerated as white men. The Center of Juvenile and Criminal Justice informs us that the rate of fatal police killings for African Americans is 4.5 times that for other races. By those statistics, it shows that African American killings are pretty prominent over other race killings. In this instance, we understand what black lives matter is upset about. At an O’Malley appearance, lieutenants of the movement demanded that O’Malley answer the rhetorical question, “Do black lives matter?” O’Malley confidently said, “All lives matter.” The lieutenants were not satisfied and reacted to O’Malley’s answer as if it were “wrong.” O’Malley quickly responded saying, “ If it causes offense that I say All Lives Matter-- black lives, white lives, police officers, jurist, all of us, even politicians all of our lives matter-- if that is somehow offensive to someone, that's their issue, not mine.” A lot of people would agree with him on that subject, but black lives matter don’t see it as that. When people say “All lives matter”, in response to “Black lives matter”, they think that it dismisses the original question. When they ask “ Do black lives matter?” they were asking, “Do you fully acknowledge the unique injustices that have been and are being committed against African Americans?” Martin Luther King of 1967, the man who was protesting the …show more content…
Black Lives Matter is an ideological and political intervention; they are not controlled by the same political machine they are attempting to hold accountable. In the year leading up to the elections, they are committed to holding all candidates for office accountable to the needs and dreams of African Americans. They are upset because African Americans compose thirteen percent of the population but forty-four percent of homicide victims, a circumstance that insures a disproportionate level of contact between black communities and the police. Though, seventy-six percent of African Americans killed by police last year were unarmed. They are upset because of the high killing rates on their people over reasons that cannot be explained. If they were unarmed then why were they killed? I’m sure anyone can look like a