Working A Day In The Metal Foundry Of Romac Inc

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Koda Root
English 101-Edwards
Review Paper-Romac Inc

Working a day in the metal foundry of Romac Inc, it is easily visible that there are many unfair and dishonest situations taking place. I would like to emphasize the word unfair because the problems that I seem to feel as if should be brought to attention, go unseen or overlooked by upper management. The problem with this being, the situations that take place don’t necessarily take place up front, in which could be recognized by someone just walking through the foundry or taking a tour of the facility. Instead, these problems occur and are noticeable once time has been spent, hours have been lost, and feelings have risen. I myself have worked at Romac Industries for two years now, and if I knew about all that goes on when I had first applied for the job, I might have reconsidered filling out the résumé.

Looking past the problems Romac has, it is a good place to work for all around. However, these problems just make it a frustrating and one-sided work environment that makes you feel unvalued as a hard working employee. One of the main situations that raises tempers of workers in the foundry would be the special treatment of family members of upper management. I say this because at Romac, there are specifically three workers in which are children of supervisors and or managers. These young adults are given extra attention and special treatment in such ways as flexible work schedules, overlooked mistakes, and the ability to get a position without an interview and or a waiting time on a pay raise for that specific machine. To me and many others, this is the biggest problem at Romac because it is unbelievable how unfairly all other employees get treated compared to these three workers.
Following my main focus of the three workers that receive special treatment, personally I also believe the yearly raise amounts based upon a yearly review of our work performance are low and unprofessional. I believe this because when filling out the reviews in which determine the yearly raises, it is done by a supervisor that rarely sees work output of the employees and also is only half the time at the foundry. Having a poor idea of how good the workers are individually, the supervisor has chosen to average out the raise amounts, resulting in someone who barely works getting the same raise as someone who works extremely hard and puts out good production. My last and final concern with how Romac operates within the foundry would be the amount of time it takes to receive a pay raise for a certain machine. The way the system is setup inside is to determine the grade of pay using a scale of three to nine. This scale represents pay grades and is split into three different categories. The categories being, how difficult the job or machine is to run efficiently, if the job or task required schooling and or a degree was acquired from college for this specific job, and lastly what part of the foundry the job is located in. To get an idea of the scale, a level three paygrade job would be our graveyard