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There will be 100 questions on the exam, each worth 1 point. There will be true/false and multiple choice. The type of multiple choice questions will be just like those on the midterm—some will be application questions where I will give you an excerpt and ask you to identify the type of item represented. There will not be any questions on the test not covered by this review sheet. Being able to recognize the different types of propositions will encompass 15 to 18 questions on the exam. There will also be bonus questions worth a total of 8 points.

1. Ethos, pathos, logos
2. proposition of fact, definition and be able to recognize one
3. proposition of value, definition and be able to recognize one
4. proposition of policy, definition and be able to recognize one
5. stock issues in proposition of fact
6. stock issues in proposition of policy
7. stock issues in propositions of value
8. Aristotle
9. Francis Bacon
10. Stephen Toulmin
11. Maslow
12. Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, what it is, definition of each of the 5 categories, use
13. motive appeals, what they are, how to use them, the ones I mentioned in class as best for policy
14. deductive reasoning
15. syllogism
16. categorical syllogism
17. disjunctive syllogism
18. hypothetical syllogism
19. enthymeme
20. source credibility—components
21. source credibility—process of development
22. Monroe’s Motivated Sequence for the Speech to Persuade