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Review: Exam #1 Chapters 1 2 and 4

Chapter 1
Know how and why controls are used in research
Identify independent and dependent variables in a controlled trial.
Be able to identify health quackery
Identify why weight related diseases are increasing in the U.S.
Know how may kcals in a gram of fat, carbohydrate and protein
Identify the elements contained in the macronutrients
Be able to distinguish between micronutrients and macronutrients
Identify the steps of the scientific process
Define blind and double blind
Be able to identify print and internet sources of credible nutrition information
Identify the most credible professional for nutrition information
Be able to calculate kcals from a given amount of macronutrients
Define phytochemical. Know why they are important in the diet
Be able to detect a conflict of interest in a study

Chapter 2
Identify foods that MYPLATE suggests to increase
Determine the appropriate amount of physical activity for both adults and children ages 6-17
Know the Healthy eating pyramid that was developed by Harvard
Define: adequacy , balance, moderation, variety as it applies to diet
Know how to determine if a product contains whole grain as opposed to processed grains
Be able to distinguish nutrient content claims from structure function claims from health claims
Determine which food groups beans and legumes belong
Be able to read a label
Determine if a food is low, high or good source of a nutrient.
Define what “low fat” means when it is used