Review Of Six Week Fitness Programme Essay

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Review of six week fitness programme

The six week fitness programmes were designed and developed to improve a client’s physical appearance and to also achieve their goals. Through encountering a client’s details and goals I was able to adapt specific exercises and classes to achieve specific goals.
Lily Read
The strengths for Lily’s 6 week training programme was shown clearly to have progressive exercises throughout the whole session in order to improve her fitness and achieve goals set. During each week I increased each MHR by 10% and increased her 1 rep max percentage by 10% each time. The work out was conducted like this in order to increase the clients intensity throughout the weeks so they eventually get more out of the sessions. An ACM test was not relevant to conduct in this programme. The tests were a variety of exercises such as Yoga and Synergy which is designed to improve her workout at a high intensity eventually improving her goals.
The weaknesses that were clear during the programme was that lily did not enjoy any other activities mainly other than cardio training. The training for cardio was created through interval and continuous unfortunately I did not use fartlek as it is hard to conduct in the gym area. The short term goals were hard to identify as these were not clearly developed and discussed with Lily so I had to create goals that were relevant to the details given.
During the course I would discuss further information with the client in order to specialise medium term goals and enable her to consequently attend the gym even without my programme scheme.

Ella Goodheart
The six week training programme created for my elderly client was adapted in order to maintain a low-medium intensity not increasing her MHR each session and maintaining her 1 rep max percentage at a similar rate each week. An ACM talk test was not conducted as it was not relevant. Over a period of time the specificity became apparent to her fitness levels as I adapted many exercises such as aqua Zumba created for middle aged women who enjoy socialising