Review Of The Article Learning Rewires The Brain

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Ever wonder how the brain works in storing data, well the article “Learning Rewires the Brain” by Alison Pearce Stevens tells how brain’s nerve cells work, and reshapes the brain microscopically together to store anything you see, train, study, remember exciting events, and etc..
In the article, Alison Stevens explains how the brain tends to change over the course of our lives. The more information we store, the more cells grow and forms connections with other cells. It’s been stated in the past that once we turned into grown adults, our brains will stop evolving. Eventually that was false. With newer technology existing, scientists have been discovering new functions on how the brain operates. The article states that the brain is made up from a billon of nerve cells; also called neurons. Billions of these cells communicate to each other by sending and receiving information on a task. Another part of the article states that when learning a new task a cells work together to make it less effort to expedite the task later on. Also getting more sleep allows the brain to construct a stronger network of neurons that was created previous day.
This article is related this lecture in class because we talk about how cells form and work together. When atoms combine, they will give or take their electrons from the outer shell and bond together. This can relate to brain neurons by; learning a task and cells work together on storing the information into the neuron network