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Book Reviewer: Enrique journey - Period 4 Edgar , Avila

Quote from book:

"'Dónde está mi mami?' Enrique cries, over and over. 'Where is my mom?'"

SETTING: This story has not one but many settings Enrique journey takes place in many parts of Mexico and many other villages as he tries to reach his destination and to the United States.

CHARACTERS: belky ,El Brujo ,Carlos ,Carmen ,Diana ,Enrique Hipolito , Reyes Larios ,Jasmín, Jóse ,Lourdes ,Marìa ,Marcos ,Marìa ,Isabel Mirian , Minor ,Olga ,Padre Leo ,Rosa Amalia ,El Tiríndaro ,Santos ,Marco

Plot Summary (don’t give away the ending):

When Enrique is five years old, his mother, Lourdes, leaves Honduras to find a job in the United States. Enrique mom would always promise him that she would return very soon but America wasn’t what she expected years pass and doesn’t return Enrique keeps his hopes up about her coming back soon but she doesn’t without her, he becomes lonely and troubled. When she calls, Lourdes tells him to be patient but Enrique knows he isn’t going to see her soon and she wasn’t coming back soon. After eleven years apart, wants go find her so he Enrique sets off alone from Tegucigalpa, looking for his mother’s with only the phone number he knows from North Carolina. Without money, he will make the attempt to leave Mexico and look for her going through deserts and jumping from train to train that go close to California with determination and impatience to be by his mother’s side, Enrique travels through unknown places. Each step of the way through Mexico, Enrique and other migrants, are hunted like by immigration and gangsters. Gangsters control the tops of the train and they rob and kill migrants up and down the tracks. Corrupt cops all along the route are out to fleece and deport them. To evade Mexican police and