Review Of Tony Schwartz's Article 'Addicted To Distraction'

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Technology can help or hurt you, the choice is up to you. In the article “Addicted to Distraction” written by Tony Schwartz, he discusses his experiences with technology and its effects on the world. He talks about how technology has affected the concentration and productivity of workers and students, and why taking a break from technology is far from a bad thing. Even though it is hard to complete an absolute “technology detox” in the technology infused world we live in today, Schwartz experimented and discovered that it is possible and healthy. Technology, when used correctly, is a wonderful resource we can use to discover new information; it is a quick way to find anything you want to know. However, when used incorrectly (as most people fall victim of), it creates a horrible distraction which decreases productivity in students and workers, galore. Schwartz discusses the many harms of technology in the workplace when he states, “...the average white-collar worker spends about six hours a day on email. That doesn’t count time online spent shopping, searching or keeping up with social media.” If things such as social media, online shopping, and other non-work related items were removed from one's computer, work productivity would see a huge incline. The author decided to experiment on himself, in which he found some surprising results, “During the workday, I checked my email more times than I cared to acknowledge, and spent far too much time hungrily searching for tidbits of new information about …show more content…
Learning how to balance work and play is a great way to become more successful. Technology detoxes in the world we live in today, is next to impossible for some, but it can make you feel much better about yourself and those around you. Whether you let technology run your life or just be a helpful tool, the changes you make today will affect your technological