Review Of Kenneth Turan's Fury

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Sean Gamarra
Eng 111
Professor O’leary
Review of a Review

When I saw the trailers for the new movie “Fury” I knew I had to go. Although I have not yet seen the film I plan to see it very soon. It was an easy decision to do a review on a review since I have already looked at the reviews for this film. After reading the review on the movie written by Kenneth Turan who writes for the Los Angeles Times it has made me even more excited see the film. Turan explains that this is not like every other old World War II movie. It combines old school expectations this film has with the more modern traditional material you see in films today. Although he touches on this subject Turan should definitely give some examples of what he means by how these two are combined perfectly. Which is why teens to senior citizens are hopping in to theaters to see this film. Turan does a great job talking about the five actors in the film. He gives a brief description of each actor’s roll in the film for instance Brad Pitt playing Sargent Collins and how he has to teach the newest member of the tank- crew Norman Ellison (Logan Lerman) everything about war and that its not about being right or wrong for being at war its solely about “You kill him or he kills you.” Turan focusing mostly on the characters of Sgt. Collins and Norman Elllison he also talks about the rolls played by Shia LaBeouf, Jon Bernthal and Trini Garcia who was in the movie “End of Watch” also directed by David Ayer. Kenneth Truman