Essay about Review on Anna Julia

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The writer urges that women should be given the same kind of treatment and moral standard like men. It is not because women are stronger or better than men but simply because they are also human beings that should be treated like other human being. Just like skin color, gender should not a reason to discriminate someone. I personally agree that women should be treated equally; this is like what is stated in the passage an a priori fact. A sane human being should be able to know think straight that women too are just like others. In some culture, baby girls are killed because they are said to bring shame and disgrace to the family. Logically, how is that possible? Culture and the society should be blamed for such kind of mind set. After all, women are the ones that bear children into this world. Unfortunately, what Anna Julia has been fighting for the past 20 years or so is still a struggle for our society today. Although the discrimination against women is not that big of an issue right now, and although there are women leaders everywhere, there are still issues related to this that should not be happening in today’s world. For example, women employees are not paid equally as their male counterparts simple because they are women. Some corporations even came up with many reasons to justify this stating that, since women are highly likely to take maternity leave then they should not be paid equally. There might be a logic and this kind of reasoning might be seen…