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Bella Ferullo
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AP European History
Website Review
1. BBC

2. The website I chose to visit has a variety of different topics that it covers for example its news, weather, sports and history sections. The specific section that I began at was a section describing the life and achievements of Martin Luther. This short article points out key points on the life of Martin Luther. The information in organized in chronological order from Luther’s birth to death and the format is easy to follow and understand. Luther is under a subsection of “Historical figures” however, other subsections include Family History, British History, Ancient History and Hands on History, allowing anyone seeking information to easily be able to find their desired topic. Additionally an image of Martin Luther is included in this piece written about Luther to help visualize what he looked like. In total, this website is organized and provides basic information on Martin Luther.


4. The first link I followed was about the life of Anne Boleyn. The article displayed was written by Richard Bevan and centers on the life of Anne Boleyn, not solely on her life with Henry VIII, but also on her early life and up brining. Additionally, this page includes a deeper analysis of the life of Anne then was given about Luther, including a separate page for topics like Introduction, Sexual Magnetism, Accusations, Sorcery and Social Ostracism. Also on this page is an image of Anne Boleyn.
On the second link I followed from the BBC website was information on Catherine of Aragon. This information begins with Catherine’s early life and then proceeds to center on her marriages and important aspects of her life. The article is shorter then the article written on Anne Boleyn, however it describes the most important events in her life. In total, both of the other links I followed were organized neatly and easy to interpret.
5. The article on Anne Boleyn reveals many pieces of information that I did not know. I was aware of Anne’s betrothal to King Henry, however I assumed that due to her role as simply his mistress at one point, she did not come from a well established family, however according to the article, her father, Sir Thomas Boleyn, was a member of the Royal Court, before Henry became king and very established. He married the very well connected Lady Elizabeth Howard and their family was all together accomplished. Additionally, I was unaware that Anne’s status was high because of her connection to Henry and many members of her family benefitted from