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The Crucible by Arthur Miller. which was a tragic play ( publicated in 1953, by viking press,160 pages) about the salem witch trails. and the tragedy that occurred in salem because of ignorance.

The book, centers around the Protagonist, John proctor. an honest man, very blunt, and very down to earth. he had an affair with a 16 year old named abigail, which is how the conflict of this whole thing mainly begins. John realizes his mistake and stops seeing abigail, Leading to abigail to form envious feeling towards his wife. and when caught dancing in the woods ( where she trying to make john fall in love with her) she blames one person for being a witch and making her dance, Tituba. after things get out of her control, she starts naming witches left and right in the town to keep the suspicion out of her. sentencing them all to the irrevocable death penalty unless they confess to their crimes of being a witch. abigail manages to manipulate the whole town and gets all the girls that were dancing with her in the woods to go along with this lie to keep them out of the trouble. And then the vindictive abigail tries and convict elizabeth, johns wife, of being a witch and stabbing her with her spirit. john, outraged, tries to stop this. but in the end abigail loses control of the situation and john gets convicted as well. abigail, realizing she has lost, flees the city and escapes consequences. while john proctor and gets sent to his death this book has left quite an impression on me since i first read it last year. i actually reread it a couple times. it has a lot of hidden meanings and life lessons to it. but the one lesson i have taken from the