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Amanda Pietrera October 6, 2012
Mr. Kemnitzer World History Honors: Period 3
Civilizations Essay Today, people all over the world have technology devices such as iPods, smartphones, computers, and much more that can help us take a better look at the history of different civilizations that lived before us. Between the Neolithic Revolution and today, many civilizations have impacted our society between religion and technology. Two of these civilizations were the Hebrews /Israelites, and the Phoenicians. When many people think of the Hebrew and Israelite society, they commonly think of Jesus. But really, this society has really set a name for itself in the religious world. Due to Abraham, Judaism is really one of the first true monotheistic religions in our world history. Judaism has actually set some precedents for other religions such as Christianity, Protestantism, Lutheranism, and other religions worldwide. They also helped our current population more ethics, with the help of the Diaspora of Jews. The Diaspora of Jews was where the Hebrews and Israelites dispersed all over the world and brought their religion and customs to different people which really made Judaism religion known on a worldwide basis. These are just a few of the many donations the Hebrew/Israelite society has donated to our modern day society. Another society that has developed ideas that we use today are the Phoenicians. One of their most famous inventions is their writing system. They actually developed the alphabet that we use today! They had also created the first sea based trading empire and