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Review Questions

1. What is positive parenting?
Positive parenting is an approach that seeks to encourage good behavior in children through clear guidelines and rule, good communication, rewarding and modeling good behavior, and promoting healthy self-esteem in children.
2. What is discipline? How does it differ from punishment?
Discipline is to help teach children from their mistakes rather than making them ”pay” for their mistakes. Punishment is different from discipline, because punishment is a penalty that is given for a perceived or real fault.
3. What is active listening? Why is it used by parents?
Active listening is an individual’s listen and respond to each other to increase understanding. Parents use active listening to try to understand the problem that their child is having. That is the child open of view and help guide the child to a positive solution. Parents are trying to talk and actively listen to what their child has to say.
4. What is guidance? Provide an example of a parent providing guidance to a child?
Guidance is the actual process of guiding or assisting a child to act in appropriate ways. An example of guidance is rather than shouting, "Don't run," which tells a child what not to do, a parent might say, "Slow down and walk." This guides the child to behavior that is more appropriate.
5. Where can families and parents find support and resources?
In today’s world, families and parents can find support and resources online from a variety of sources. For example, the U.S. Children’s Bureau has information on laws and policies related to children. There are many different things parents can find resources and support from.

Critical Thinking Questions

1. Why are consequences an important part of positive parenting?
Consequences are important part of positive parenting because parents have to know when to use consequences. Not all behavior that is challenging or annoying is a teachable moment. There is a lot of age-appropriate behavior that kids engage in that is just annoying or frustrating to adults.
2. Why is it important that parents establish a positive relationship and positive communication with babies and young children?
It is very important that parents establish a positive relationship with their babies and young children because, to know the differences between the discipline, punishment, and guidance. It may sometimes use these terms interchangeably in informal discussions with other parents, but they actually have quite different meanings, which can help us understand positive parenting better. It’s also important that parent establish a positive communication because there are