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Remedial Physics------------------------------------Review Questions -------------------------------------Chapter 2

Quantitative Problems
1) An object moves 15.0 m north and then 11.0 m south. Find both the distance traveled and the magnitude of the displacement vector.
A) 6.0 m, 26.0 m B) 26.0 m, 4.0 m C) 26.0 m, 26.0 m D) 4.0 m, 4.0 m

2) A boat can move at 30 km/h in still water. How long will it take to move 12 km upstream in a river flowing 6.0 km/h?
A) 20 min B) 22 min C) 24 min D) 30 min

3) 55 mi/h is how many m/s? (1 mi = 1609 m.)
A) 25 m/s B) 49 m/s C) 90 m/s
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A) 10 m B) 55 m C) 66 m D) 80 m

17) A bullet moving horizontally to the right (+x direction) with a speed of 500 m/s strikes a sandbag and penetrates a distance of 10.0 cm. What is the average acceleration, in m/s2, of the bullet?
A) -1.25 × 106 B) -2.50 × 106 C) -1.25 × 103 D) -2.50 × 103

18) A car starting from rest moves with constant acceleration of 2.0 m/s2 for 10 s, then travels with constant speed for another 10 s, and then finally slows to a stop with constant acceleration of -2.0 m/s2. How far does it travel?
A) 200 m B) 300 m C) 400 m D) 500 m

19) A car goes from 40 m/s to 80 m/s in a distance of 200 m. What is its average acceleration?
A) 8.0 m/s2 B) 9.6 m/s2 C) 12 m/s2 D) 24 m/s2

20) A car with good tires on a dry road can decelerate at about 5.0 m/s2 when braking. Suppose a car is initially traveling at 55 mi/h.
(a.) How much time does it take the car to stop?
(b.) What is the stopping distance?

21) At the instant a traffic light turns green, a car that has been waiting at the intersection starts ahead with a constant acceleration of 2.00 m/s2. At that moment a truck traveling with a constant velocity of 15.0 m/s overtakes and passes the car.
(a.) Calculate the time necessary for the car to reach the truck.
(b.) Calculate