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Unit 14
Task A

Reviewing Websites

Unit 14 - Task A

Reviewing Websites

Website 1: The National Theatre

Reason for Review
I researched this website is because it has flare and it one of the biggest theatre websites around London. Another reason why I particularly liked this website is because it has all the features a normal website has but this website they have set it up in a really professional manner. The reason I am reviewing this website is because it is another well made website which is in direct relation to my brief, being a theatre site. The website has most features that I intend to include which is why reviewing it will help me decide on certain planning elements of my website. The National Theatre has a target audience similar to that of The The Little Theatre which is what the client wanted us to base our project around.

The purpose of the National Theatre’s website is too provide information daily about certain plays which are happening around the south bank of London, this includes videos of trailers, and different types of shows which are a series of films associated about the certain topic and images on certain articles. Alike most action sports websites, National Theatre have to consider providing enough information and videos to satisfy the readers to use the website more than others. Secondly they need to be able to persuade people to buy there products like there official app and tickets to see certain events. However one of the most important thing that National Theatre must meet the readers needs by making it easy to flick through videos and images.

In terms of the audience of the National Theatre webpage, it tends to be targeted to mostly adults, the reason why I think it appeals to the adult group is because the use of colour and the vocabulary which is used is very high quality and the layout is extremely good as it makes it easy for the reader to navigate around the webpage. It would be unlikely that the audience would span below the age of 12 as some of the news articles are in depth and use very high terminology.

The design of the website links in closely with the company of National Theatre. This would be because of the orange and white colours of the webpage. The house style is white as it is a plain but easy to read colour and is consistent throughout, which also appears in the logo of ‘National Theatre’. In addition, the house style colours enables for customers to interpret and recognise what the company is when the public are out and about at an event. Additionally in terms of the text, the majority of the text font colour is black as it makes it stand out from the white coloured background. National Theatre have also emphasised on certain titles to make it stand out from the other normal coloured font styles, they have used capital black coloured letters to make it stand out from subheadings. Personally I think the design of the website is brilliant as it has lots of images and promotional videos which informs you about recent theatre productions and upcoming theatre productions which not only informs the customers about certain events but it gives inspiration to the customers who may not know what to watch. On the front cover they have included a flicker gallery with productions which makes the readers aware of what events may interest them.

The colours and design used are suitable for the intended audience as it has included the white background throughout the website. There is a consistent use of design from page to page as it has the logo positioned in the top left hand corner, text which is has the same house style throughout and videos that are relevant to the previous video. The overall design for the films for example; ‘The James Plays’, ‘Here Lies Love’, ‘Ballyturk’ and ‘JOHN’ are excellent as it gives you some insight of what the films look like another factor is that they have included a few articles which are