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Religion Review Sheet ZEXUAN SONG(Dante)
The Ministry Sacrament
*ministry means to be of service to another

Holy Orders
*Priesthood is a vocation (calling) in which a man chooses to spend his life in the service of others.

*There are 3 ordained ministries in the Church today.

*The Deacon can do the following
1.Baptize 4.Reads Gospel+ can give a homily
2.give out Eucharist 5.visit sick+ homebound
3.Witness marriage 6.visits the funeral parlor to say the prayers for the dead

The Priest
*a special order priest like the Jesuits takes 3 vows: celibacy, obedience+ poverty

The Bishops
-3rd order of Holy Orders
-must be a priest
-He is in charge of a diocese (which is made up of parishes, schools, hospitals, etc)
-His role is leader+ teacher
-He can ordain a man to Holy Orders
-Bishop of Brooklyn is: Nicholas De Marzio
Bishop of Rome: Pope Francis

-a monk is an ordained priest who chooses to live a life of prayer+ solitude in a monastery

-It is their job to elect the next Pope
-Cardinal Timothy Dolan is the cardinal for New York.
*Who can ordain? A Bishop only
*Symbols for Holy Orders:
1. Laying on of hands
2. Anointing with Oil

Religious Brothers+ sisters
-They take 3 vows: obedience, celibacy+ poverty

*IT is a scared bond that unites a man + a woman in a loving, faithful union

Mystery of Marriage
-In ancient times, marriages were…