Review: The Sound of Music and Specific Young Nun Essay

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The Sound of Music Live
The Sound of Music Live is a musical about a group of nuns living together at the abbey, but the story is centered mainly on this one specific young nun by the name of Maria. Maria was considered to be somewhat of a trouble maker by the older nuns. They said that she wasn’t serious about the reason she was at the abbey, so they sent her to be a governess for a captain who had seven children. When Maria first arrived the children thought they wouldn’t like her considering they had already ran off numerous governess in the past. Maria starts off by teaching the children how to sing a song, which allowed them to get comfortable with her. Maria begins to like being a governess but she also started to realize that she was in love with the captain and he too was in love with her. Maria immediately ran away to the abbey because she felt that she shouldn’t feel that way about the captain because she thought that it wasn’t what God wanted for her. Mother Abbess explains to her that it’s okay for her to love because that’s what God want people to do. Maria returned and the captain’s home and eventually they both confessed their love and got married. I really enjoyed everything about this musical. One of my most favorite parts is when she first went to the captain’s house and she started teaching the children to sing and they danced around because you can tell the children had not been having any type of fun before she arrived. I also liked how Maria