Review The Timeline Of Video Games And The Evolution Of Software And Hardware

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1. Review the timeline of video games, as well as the Evolution of Software and Hardware. Describe a significant development of each of the three and why you feel these were significant.
a. A development in video game history in my opinion would be during the golden age (1971 to 1983) of its time. During this time, video games went to a whole new level and started to develop a consumer market. Games were used in arcades, on home consoles, and even personal computer platforms. This to me is a very important part in not only video game history but a person’s childhood. I’ve heard many stories about running down to the store to meet friends to see who could get the high score on the new game. On the other hand companies started to earn a sort of profit putting them all together to create an arcade, thus becoming a money pit to further the growth of technology in video games.
b. Software’s significant development would have to be the database. The database is something used most often today, because in order to run a large website or any type of web shop there needs to be something to collect all the data and at the same time retrieve and process. I feel the database is the most important part when dealing with modern technology. Anything saved on your computer or cellphone will have to be put in a database, pulled back out and processed to re-open whatever it is you saved. Without it we would not be half as far in technology as we are today. Tanner
c. Hardware has probably made the most significant change throughout history; with hardware being the physical parts of your computing software (monitor, keyboard etc.) we have to look at shape and size. Everyone remembers seeing or even having a big square computer, today people can’t get them small enough. I think a pretty big jump was when the laptop came