Review: Why We Shouldn T Go To War With Britain

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I vote we shouldn't go to war with Britain. We shouldn't go to war because even though Britain is causing us problems that doesn't mean we have to go to war to solve them. Here are some reasons why we shouldn't go to war. If we go to war many citizens will be forced to close their ports and many Americans won't have a job. Another reason is that we are outnumbered on land and at sea. My final reason is that Americans just want more land but instead of negotiation or trade, we think that we should use force to obtain that land.

If we go to war with Britain, it will hurt many citizens of America. There are many reasons how this will affect them negatively. One of the reasons is that the New Englanders will lose their jobs. They will have to close their ports and that will impact the citizens negatively because they won't have any income to support their family. Plus many citizens have already been negatively impacted by the Embargo Act. If we were to go to war, America as a country would suffer because 8/10 of the country's shipping comes from New England. So, if we were to go to war the ports would be closed which would mean that 8/10 of the countries shipping would be non-existent.
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We have fewer soldiers and naval ships than Britain. They have a lot more ships than we do. They have 100,000 ships where we have a mere 16. They have more soldiers than us. They have 100,000 soldiers where we have a mere 2,500. We are not equal. They just defeated the most powerful army in the world and we think our 2,500 soldiers can beat their 100,000. Britain has the most powerful army in the world we aren't ready. We can fight when the time comes. But that time isn't right