Restaurant Review: City Cellar Wine Bar And Grill

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Restaurant Review

The restaurant I choose to review is called City Cellar Wine Bar and Grill. It is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. They offer indoor and outdoor dining. The outdoor dinning area overlooks the fountains of City Place. There are cocktails, craft beer and many different wines available. The dining room features a huge floor to ceiling glass-enclosed wine cellar. This holds their hundreds of award winning wines. Their wines can be sampled by the bottle, glass or "flight". City Cellar’s menu has a variety of hearth-baked pizza, dry aged steaks, fresh pasta and seafood. They truly offer something for everyone. In addition to their dinner menu, they also offer a brunch and lunch menu. These include smaller potions and different specials. Finally, one of their specialties is the wide selection of cheeses. They specially pair these chesses with different wine samples. My expectations for City Cellar were set high because of reviews and my father’s personal recommendations. I expected the staff to be dressed and act professional, the kitchen and bathroom to be clean, and most importantly the food to be delicious. My first impression of the staff was that they were very polite and dressed well. We made a reservation and were immediately seated when we arrived. The only downside was we were seated in the far back of the restaurant. Under normal circumstances, it would have been too close to the actual kitten for my liking. On a positive note, I was able to view the kitchen and saw that it was very clean. Everything was stainless steel and there was no sign of used dishes. One cool aspect was that they had a whole pig aging in the center of a glass case. Beside this was a large machine they used to slice the meat, and beside that were all the aged cheeses on display. Along with the kitchen, the restrooms were also very clean. Our waiter greeted us immediately and got our drink orders. He was very friendly and carried on small talk with us. In addition, he made recommendations on the menu.
City Cellar had a small selection for their dinner menu; the whole menu was one page. Regardless, the menu offered something for everyone. After making our drink orders, our waiter took 10-15 minutes to return to get our food orders. My friend ordered the braised lamb. It came with potato puree and fried parsnips in natural rosemary sauce. The lamb was perfectly cooked along with well-seasoned potatoes. The parsnips were something new to us and we did not try them. Another downside was that the rosemary sauce was a little strong for our liking. I ordered the crabmeat crusted sea bass. It came with roasted potatoes and steamed asparagus in a citrus butter. Everything was above my expectations. This was the first time I have tried sea bass, and I would order it again based on this experience. It was tender and juicy along with large lumps of crispy crabmeat. The potatoes were perfectly cooked. They weren’t too hard yet not mushy. I had no complaints! When looking at the dessert menu, we noticed they had a very wide selection, but something else caught out