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A Difference in Academic Culture

Since I have been studying in Australia, I have realised there is a significant difference in academic culture in terms of the teaching model compared with China. Most Chinese universities did not adopt a high-tech style of electronic teaching because it would contribute to a quite burden on finance. In comparison, the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) class encourages online teaching which further encourages online learning. For instance, I learnt how to research academic papers and journals. This has been reflected in the information within my essay. After studying at the ACU, I personally feel such teaching methods are very supportive for my self-learning.

Nowadays, online support plays a significant role in tertiary education. Firstly, as described by the Chen, Lambert and Guidry (2010), the college students may be more interested in the academic resources that are online supported. Because those resources can help students develop their self-learning skills such as “higher order thinking is reflective of thinking and integrative learning” (p.1229). In addition, the survey of Kim and Bonk (2006) also states that students who are good at utilizing the internet to study are more likely to achieve success (p.26). In summary, I have realized the importance of online campus resources and by no means should they be ignored.

In conclusion, by researching and comparing teaching style, I discovered online supports is crucial to