Revision Assignment AP Lang Wendig Essay

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Wendig's Summary

One of Wendig's points that caught my attention was It's Cruel To Be Kind, mostly because I knew this one would help me a lot in my revision. I will consider this advice during my revision by remembering that I will do more damage to my work by being merciful and not worrying about being nice. The second point that caught my attention was Don't Rewrite In A Vacuum. I will take this advice into account when revising my essay by making sure I have all my resources to help me once I'm done writing just by myself in isolation. The third point that caught my attention was When In Doubt, Hire An Editor, this is very good advice that everyone should use during revision. Editors are genuinely helpful because not only do they see from a different point of view but they can also help improve, find mistakes, and give encouragement. The fourth point that caught my attention was Content, Context, Then Copy because it is a simple list that is easy to follow and can really help during revision. You start with your content, the description, dialogue, etc. Then you move on to your context where you just support your content, and finally you top it of with your copy, which consists of grammar, conventions and all those other things to make the essay look beautiful. The final point that caught my attention was [Lose Addiction]. This is the one that would be a major help in revision because the majority of us cling to the first draft and don't take revising seriously, but