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Yr 9 Revision For Exams 1st Semester 2013
1) Know how the model of the atom was developed. Including Democritus, Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford, Bohr and Chadwick’s models. (PDF page 201/sheets) 2) Describe the current model of the atom and the atom and the main parts of an atom and their charges (PDF page 202) 3) Be able to construct diagrams and use the electron shells for the first 20 elements. (PDF page 202-203) 4) Understand what ions are, their types and how they are formed. (PDF page 203) 5) Know the atomic number and symbols of the first twenty elements. (PDF PG 206-207) 6) Have an idea of the main groups of elements and how the Periodic Table is constructed with periods, families and groups according to electron and proton arrangement (PDF page 205-210) 7) Know how to use atomic and mass numbers to work out electron, proton and neutron number (PDF page 203) 8) Describe the difference between atoms, elements and molecules. Also an idea of chemical bonding. (PDF page 211-212/ sheets) 9) Define- radioactivity, radioisotopes, decay, unstable atoms, nuclear radiation (PDF page 222/sheets) 10) Know the features and symbols of alpha, beta & gamma radiation and their detection. (PDF Page 222) 11) Understand the uses of radioactivity and radioisotopes (PDF page 223-224/Sheets) 12) Be able to work with radioactive decay and half lives (PDF Page 224) 13) Understand the problems associated with nuclear radiation use (PDF page 223-224) 14) Understand how a Geiger Counter can show radiation sheets.
1) Define Biosphere, ecosystem, habitat and environment. (PDF page 223-224)