Revisiting And Reliving Sacred Memories By E. B. White

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Revisiting and Reliving Sacred Memories

Younger generations, unlike that of E. B. White’s, are stereotypically forgetful of gratefulness. It is not uncommon to lose sight of all that one has. Sometimes one needs a retreat, an escape from the present to revisit special and sacred memories. Memories do not necessarily have to have a positive connotation to be special, and it is negative moments that enhance the positive ones. E. B. White utilizes vivid contrast between the past and the present, as well as the negative and the positive, to delineate the lake as a sacred place. White has a deep admiration and gratitude for not only the lake, but memories that take place there. He takes “along [his] son”(2) to share the beauty of such a sacred place. White is anxious revisiting the lake for signs of change. If his sacred place has changed, he wonders if his memories will live up to their potential. He “wonders how time would have marred this unique, this holy spot… and was sure that the tarred road would have found it out”, as change is the only expected and certain thing in life. His memories however have not changed, as the lake repeatedly seems “the same”, from the “same small waves” to “the same number of inches from the dock” with “only the merest suggestion of a breeze”(5). He does not specify what the slight change was, however his apparent fondness for his other memories of things that have remained the same make the slight change insignificant in comparison. It is these familiar memories that he associates with the lake to form the concept