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Now, let's start with day one.First, put away your styling products and blow dryer.These items can damage your hair over time, and we think it is time to give your hair a break.Let your hair air-dry naturally with no added styling products!Next, go to a salon and get at least one inch chopped off your hair.This will help remove what is probably the driest, most traumatized portion.If your hair looks dull, you may want to remove hair product build-up and prepare your hair for the conditioning treatments.Only do this on day one; mix equal parts baking soda and shampoo to wash your hair with or just rinse your hair after shampooing, to clarify the hair.
During these five days, only shampoo your hair once or twice with a gently shampoo; just make sure it says "gentle" on the shampoo bottle.This will give your scalp the chance to produce oils and assist with the replacement of moisture in the hair shafts.After you shampoo, please use a heavy conditioner on your hair, paying particular attention to the ends.Do not be afraid to pile it on thick!Let the conditioner sit on your hair for a few minutes as you finish showering or bathing; the hot steam will help the conditioner penetrate the hair shaft.
During these five days, you will want to give yourself moisture infusing hair treatments to help nourish it.After you shampoo and condition your hair as described above, place some ultra-hydrating almond oil on dry split ends and pin your hair up into a neat bun.Once your hair is dry, you are going to be using safflower oil.You can purchase safflower oil in your local supermarket and it is fairly inexpensive.It is composed of essential fatty acids that are one of the best moisturizers.It is a humectant that will not only replace the lost moisture but actually attracts moisture and retains it in the hair's cortex.The scalp produces the best essential fatty acid, which is known as sebum.When your hair grows past your neck, it will not