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The Revolutionary War
Coming to America was surely not just a walk in the park for the early settlers, they faced many hardships in order to gain independence from Great Britain. None of them were prepared for what they were to encounter in the new world. Although the Colonists won the war for independence, they had to overcome several disadvantages to do so. The colonial troops faced many hardships in the Revolutionary War due to leadership miscommunication, lack of supplies and money and difficult weather conditions.
At the beginning of the war, one of the most serious setbacks for the American colonists was the lack of an army. The Congress created an army and made George Washington its leader, but Washington experienced extreme difficulty in training and organizing the troops. In addition to battlefield inexperience, Washington's army faced problems including hygiene issues, food became rare, accidental deaths due to injuries and diseases that were spread from the injuries. Many soldiers were lost and left behind during the battle and were unable to defend themselves.
Another hardship that was faced by troops was the issue of soldiers pay. Many of the soldiers wanted to leave the army because they weren’t getting paid. Washington was trying to persuade the solders to stay back. Lack of money in the Continental Army caused a hardship for soldiers who rarely received pay on time. To help pay for the war, Congress issued a national currency known as the Continental Dollar. The soldiers were paid in Continental Dollars.
Lastly, one of the many hardships was the bad weather conditions. Washington transported the troops over the icy Delaware River. He led his troops into stormy winter conditions with hopes of surprising the enemy troops.