Essay on Revolution: Chairman Mao Zedong

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To what extent are Revolutions caused by bad leadership?
Aoran Li

The word revolution is from the Latin ‘revolutio’, which means a turn around. A revolution is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time. And it can also be in different types. Like the political revolution, the technological revolution and the industrial revolution.
Look through the history of human-being, there were plenty of different revolutions have taken place. Even until today, revolutions are still happening all around the world. And all the revolutions have to have a reason to let it occur. Such as the heavy taxation, foreign intervention, envy of rich and so on. Among all of these reasons, there is a very important and significant reason----the bad leadership.
The bad leadership can be divided into two parts—dictatorship and fatuous leadership. Dictatorship, a form of government where political authority is often monopolized by a single person or a political party, and exercised through various oppressive mechanisms. A word always appears in the essays of overthrown empires or governments. Like the Roman Empire, 19th century Latin America caudillo, Stalinism in Eastern Europe and Asia, also the fascism during the Second World War. There are some similarities between them. Firstly, the power of the country was in one person or a certain party’ hand. They could do whatever they want. Secondly, they all have cult of personality, they enforce their people to admire them, pray for them or even die for them. Lastly, only few of them still exist or have a happy end (like in North Korea, the Kim family is still in charge).
For example, the Cultural Revolution happened in the People’s Republic of China during 1966-1976 caused by Mao Zedong. Mao alleged that bourgeois elements were infiltrating the government and society at large, aiming to restore capitalism. He insisted that these "revisionists" would be removed through violent class struggle. During that time, people was arrested and killed by various stupid reasons such as reading forbidden books and disrespect the Chairman Mao (although it was actually a reason which does not exist), and the only book they can read is the book Quotations from the Chairman Mao Zedong (also known as the Little Red Book), a collection of Mao's sayings. The Communist Party was split between Mao's partners and Deng Xiaoping's partners. Deng Xiaoping was a rival of Mao. Mao then tried to get support from young people in China by creating The Red Guard was also made popular. They were a group of young people in China that went around teaching Mao's sayings. They also beat people who disagreed with Mao. The whole country was in massive chaos, nobody was studying or working. And many traditional things were ruined and destroyed. On 9th September, Mao died, the Gang Four were arrested as soon as Mao’s death as well. The revolution ended in a short time. That also caused the end of Mao’s dictatorship. Although it took quite a long time for China to rebuild.
The fatuous leadership is also a big reason for a fall of a government. They might made some decisions that could not be accepted by the people, they could no longer control the situation of their countries , or they might not care much about their main job and went to enjoy other useless things like luxury clothes, delicious food and beautiful women. For example, Louis the Sixteenth of France, he paid much more attention on enjoyment and entertainment, and forget the feeling of the hungry, helpless people. Who rose up and sent him and his wife Marie Antoinette to the execution. They are different from dictators, they might not be evil-minded but they should not be a leader. Fatuous leaders might rely on some other people which would let their situation worse. Such as Nicholas the Second trusted Rasputin and let him control the empire just because he used ‘sorcery’ cured the little prince. That