Revolution General Perspective Essay

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Mallory Lincourt
AP European History
Revolution Essay

There is a number of theories that explain revolution in different ways. Some, such as
Brinton suggest that revolution begins as a fast paced “fever” then proceeds to slow, or
Amann who suggests that there are two groups vying for the power over a monopoly. All of the theories discussed can be applied to different revolutions that have occurred in history. In my opinion, Calvert’s theory and plan best fits the idea of revolution.
Calvert’s theory is best fitting because it can be applied to most if not all revolutions.
His plan encompass’s the ideas of others on revolution, combining the works of Johnson,
Marx, Amann, and many other theorists. Though the plan he describes is very general, and does not specify the process of revolution, it illustrates the steps and reasons that could be applied to most any revolution. For example, the first step in Calvert’s plan is “Revolution is rebellion against authority. Successful rebellion, that is the overthrow of authority, needs to occur for a revolution to take place.” Though this could be open for interpretation to different cases, the main idea is clear. The second step in his theory states that social change must take place in order to have reason for the change. This is necessary for a successful revolution, and is often the main cause for revolution. His third and final step describes the need for suddenness and some violence to achieve change. The general idea of his theory is the best fit for revolution because it can be easily applied to all revolutions and very little describes specifics for a change.

Out of the current world situation, the nation that is ripe for revolution is North Korea.
North Korea has been in turmoil since the ceasefire of the Korean War. Citizens of the republic are raised from birth to respect and love their leader, which is currently Kim Jong­Un.
The people of North Korea are practically brainwashed…