Revolution: History and Clear Thesis Statement Essay

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History of Western Civilization – Final Essay
Instructor: Kelly MacDonald
Evaluation Date: May 16, 2014
1) Write an essay of a minimum of 750 words on one of the following three topics.
2) You must provide three different pieces of historical evidence, from three different historical periods.
3) You must include as many specific details as possible (names, dates, places).
4) You must have an introduction with a clear thesis statement, at least three body paragraphs to support your thesis, and a conclusion.
5) Grade Breakdown:
Introduction and Outline 10%
Paper 20%

1) McKay, Understanding Western Society

Historical examples can only come from topics covered in the last section of the course. You must pick one from each of the following periods:
1) Late Middle Ages/ Renaissance
2) Scientific Revolution/ Enlightenment
3) American Revolution, French Revolution, Industrial Revolution

Questions: Select one to answer.
1) Are philosophical ideals an essential precursor to political revolution? Why or why not? Provide three historical examples from three of the historical periods listed above to support your argument.

2) How important is it to consider scientific or technological innovations when studying history? Are there specific discoveries of this nature that have been essential to the development of Western Civilization? If so, what are they and how are they inextricably linked to specific historical events? Provide three concrete historical examples from three of the periods listed above to support your argument.

GRADING: Style and Structure - /40 Historical Evidence - /45 Spelling and Grammar - /15 TOTAL - /100

Proposal and Outline for Final Essay

A well-detailed outline is the key to writing a strong essay. The outline should incorporate all of the historical material and arguments that you want to make in your essay.

Your outline is basically a point form version of your essay.

The Outline Should Include:
1) Introduction and a clear thesis statement (To be written in paragraph form):
Thesis: What point do you wish to make with this essay and how will you prove your point?
Introduce the key historical concepts that you will use to prove your thesis statement.
Keep in mind that the questions for this history essay are structured so that you can construct a clear thesis statement.

2) You should have 3 body paragraphs. Each paragraph should include the following: All evidence that you will use to prove your thesis (To be written in point-form)
Evidence must be clear, simple and detailed. A direct quote, or a description of an historical event which includes key names and dates, are all acceptable but must be properly cited using the APA-style.
Your evidence must be contextualized. In other words, you need to explain why the evidence you are using is important and how it helps to prove your argument.
For this essay, you are expected to find 3 pieces of evidence from 3 different historical
Present your evidence in chronological order.

3) Bibliography:
You must provide a Bibliography of the two books you will be using as sources for this paper. Remember one source must be your textbook. The other source must be a book from the Vanier Library.
You bibliography must come at the end of your